If you have arrived here, it is because you do not have a clear idea of ​​what a kayak is like, and what is worse, you may not know what you want. Knowing the types of kayak and their characteristics is what you will see here. A good principle is to know the difference between kayak, canoe and canoe . This article has the mission that you see that there is no kayak that works for everything. Each type of kayak has specialized, and before thinking what you want, you must decide what you need.


Canoa is what the Indians of the Western movies wore. A boat where you are kneeling, or sitting on a crossbar, and the shovel is a single blade. This position greatly influences the behavior of the boat and the comfort of the paddler. It is only valid for calm waters and there are better options for the sea. He thinks that he does not carry reserves of buoyancy and when he is open the water easily enters with the waves. Something particular is that the same canoe allows to be manned with one or two people. On the contrary all I have seen are bulky and heavy, at least to handle a person out of the water. The canoe is not very popular in Spain and it is only recommended if you know very well what you are looking for. I put a photo to visualize how different it is to a kayak


This is not a scale from worst to best, each type of kayak is for something different, so forget about a kayak for everything. As some order had to be established, I will place them for benefits .


On the lowest step, we found the inflatable kayaks . They are boats, with elongated shape, I would not consider them kayaking. Wide and tall they behave fatally in the water and do not transmit good sensations. By cons they are cheap and are transported more easily.


It is not a type of kayak in itself, it is a self-empty kayak or sit on top, what happens is that it is equipped with accessories that allow fishing. In fact you can fish in other types of kayak as in inflatable or closed. What happens is that the self-emptying kayak allows freedom of movement, ensures the maximum mobility of the crew and gives more ball to carry the typical fishing accessories. Cañeros, probe, cooler bag, anchor, brackish … As the priority is not the pleasure of shoveling some fishing kayakers take shortcuts, and those go through to put a motor, or to use propulsion to pedals like that of the image.


Then we went to the  closed kayak. They are the ones that most resemble the original concept that was born thousands of years ago in Greenland. You are sitting inside and you put a skirt on the waist (covers) that seals the entrance of water. The interior can be flooded, so it must have watertight compartments. In this type of kayak there are many variants. The length and breadth (length and width for rainfed) are the main variables. With a width of 60 cm and a length of 350 cm and we started talking about a kayak  reviews that offers decent performance for an adult. But there are a few more (helmet shape, volume …) that will mark the behavior of the kayak. All of them adapt to the waters where you are going to sail, and the services you want. They are manufactured in various materials and is the best format if you intend to do the kayak yourself .

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