Pokémon Go: Is It Time To Level Up? Know These Tricks

If you have been stuck with not being able to level up in Pokémon Go , we present some interesting tips

The video game that is causing worldwide furore Pokémon Go , has managed to “catch” its users in the search for creatures to become a pokemon trainer.

The arrival of Pokémon Go to Peru occurred on August 3, and only two days after arriving in our country, there are still doubts about the game. One is how to level up quickly.

As you know, the level of a Pokémon Go trainer is subject to the experience points you can get, and each time you level up, you need more points to get to the next level. Thatis why it is necessary to accumulate these points in great quantity.

Here Are The Tips:

1.Move And Walk Assiduously When You Use Incense.

One of the things you have to do to attract pokemon is to use incense. If you are still a pokemon will appear every five minutes, but if you manage to move and walk, each Pokemon will leave in just one minute, as long as you have walked at least 200 meters.

2. Walking In A Straight Line

The game measures the distance traveled from the last starting point. That is to say, if you walk in a straight line, the distance traveled will be measured, so it is not advisable to go around a park or an apple, because the distance will be shortened.

3. Do Not Neglect The Weak

pokémones that appear The appearance of Pidgeys, Caterpies and other low level pokémones is daily. They are a plague, but it is advisable not to despise them. What’s more, the trainer must catch them to win candy and make your pokémones evolve to earn 500 experience points.

4. Build Up Several Evolutions And Activate Eggs Of Luck

It is not advisable to have trouble to evolve your pokémones, it is better to accumulate evolutions and to activate the eggs of luck before to carry out the development. This will double your experience points.

5. Preserving The Use Of Incubators

It is not advisable to use disposable incubators in eggs that open with only two kilometers, it is better to do with those that are activated every ten. It is good to reserve short-cycle eggs for incubators of infinite use.

6. Choose What Pokemon You Want To Evolve Evee

As is known, Eeve evolves in Vaporeon, Flareon and Jolteon. There is a trick to decide which pokemon you want to become your friend. If you change the name of Eeve together before it evolves, you control what it is going to become. If you want it to be a Vaporeon call it Rayner, if you want a Jolteon, Sparku, and if you prefer a fire type like Flareon, put Pyro.

7. Bonus: Do Not Ignore Poképaradas.

This tip is not in the video but it is just as important. It does not matter that you are with the bag full and you can no longer take objects in the poképaradas, because even if you enter and turn the disk without being able to obtain any item for your inventory, going through the poképarada will give you 50 experience points, which can help a lot. What do you think of all these tricks and tips? Then prepare yourself for there will be many more and totally new Gps Hack Pokemon Go online.

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