How To Protect Your Heart: 10 Basics

To know the ways to protect your heart, it is important to know what risk factors predispose you to having a heart problem. There are two types of risk factors: modifiable and non-modifiable, the latter refer to diseases or characteristics that you already have and that do not disappear, can only be controlled, for example: hereditary factors such as hypertension, diabetes or dyslipidemias ( Changes in cholesterol). Modifiable risk factors are the most important because by changing your lifestyle, various risk factors disappear.

Here Are 10 Tips To Take Care Of Your Heart:

1) Go To Your Physician: Go to your doctor for a comprehensive assessment of the risk factors you own. Under your advice you can start the appropriate treatment and follow up later.

2) Control Illness: If you have diabetes, hypertension or cholesterol change you need to take the right medications for life. It is important not to self-repair and control your blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol levels periodically.

3) Take Care Of Your Weight : Of people over 20 in Mexico, 70% are overweight or obese, so you should calculate your body mass index.

4) Care Your Waist : The concentration of abdominal fat is a risk factor, so we must keep the waist below 90 cm in men and 80 in women.

5) No Smoking: Tobacco smoke is one of the most important risk factors for the development of atherosclerosis and heart attacks, so you should not smoke or be a passive smoker. Cigarette smoking causes a large number of cardiovascular events.

6) Exercise: Exercise is an essential part of the protection of the heart. You should do aerobic exercise most days of the week: running, swimming, jumping rope, climbing stairs, or walking at a pace faster than usual.

7) Healthy Food: To lose weight the bills are simple: it decreases what you eat and uses more calories. Eat little fats and few fried foods. The diet can include fish and seafood at least 3 times a week, as well as salads and vegetables every day.

8) Take Care Of What You Eat: In general you can eat everything but in small quantities. Try to make five meals a day, only one of them strong and the rest light: breakfast, lunch, lunch, snack and dinner. Lunch and snack should be lighter than the others, for example, a couple of oatmeal cookies or a cereal bar. Ideally, the stomach should not spend more than three hours without food.

9) Do Not Make The Brave: The ideal medicine that we can implement is prevention. It is better to initiate measures to reduce the risk than to wait to have problems to treat them. If you have any unusual symptoms such as chest pain, stomach pain, sore throat without flu, increase with effort, last longer than 20 minutes, remove and then return, it is best to go to the doctor to take A review. Remember that many events can be avoided.

10) Speak The Voice: These tips can have a relevant impact on your life, spread the word, share them and begin to change the small world around you.

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