How To Do It Several Times In One Night

Making love several times in a single night is a capacity that not all men possess and that often disappears sooner or later, unless steps are taken to save and develop sexual energy. Taking a sexual potency test will help you to know what you have to do: click here if you want to self-evaluate before reading this article, whose keys and tips for developing virility have been chosen with maximum seriousness and objectivity. Also, we invite you from here to consult a sexologist doctor who can effectively help you achieve this goal, and solve your doubts about male sexual potency.

Men of all ages consult us often to ask us for advice on how to achieve this goal. In we have made the difference for years, and we not only respond from the advances of contemporary scientific sexology, but also provide a perspective that adds an added value: that of sexual energy.

How To Make Love Passionately All Night Long

The refractory period (time elapsed from ejaculation until a new erection can be achieved) varies according to the nature and age of the individual, but usually increases with age, so that the ability to recover rapidly is gradually lost and Complete a second intercourse with satisfactory erection after the first ejaculation.

However, the refractory period can be shortened by techniques of development of male sexual energy, such as those taught in our service Sexual Power Help. Through this series of methods, it is not only shortened the recovery time between two consecutive coitus, but it is possible to make love without ejaculation and therefore, last as long as you want to preserve libido, passion and excitement, Which results in high levels of satisfaction for the man and his partner. Each male requires a different and personalized training that must be chosen and directed by an expert, so we will not expose the techniques that we usually use with our clients, but we can reveal below some of the principles that have led them to success:

Abandon Toxic Habits: If you are continuously stressed, you drink alcohol regularly – even at low doses – you smoke tobacco, marijuana, hashish or other drugs, or ingest drugs, forget about becoming a natural “lovemaking machine” . You should know that any of these bad habits is a major drag so you can make the most of your bed.

Balanced And Healthy Diet: Foods rich in saturated fats (vegetable oils, pork and dairy products, butter, cured cheeses, etc.) should be avoided to slow the process of atherosclerosis that clogs blood vessels and reduces blood flow that facilitates quality erections.

Saving Of Sexual Energy: Achieving this goal is an art, but you can achieve good results simply by stop masturbating, abandon the visualization of pornography and focus the libido only on the couple.

Stable And Committed Couple: It is a scientific fact that sexual dysfunctions are more frequent in sporadic adventures. To avoid these disorders and develop all your manly potential the optimum is sexuality in a marriage context.

Strong And Convinced Intention: Making love several times in a row with a maintained and satisfactory erection is possible at any age, if there are no health conditions that prevent it. However, you have to be tenacious and have patience, because it is not achieved overnight. It requires empowerment and continuous training that can only be carried out if there are high doses of motivation.

Overcoming Psychological Conditioning: Psychological factors are capable of considerably reducing the erectile capacity of the male. Through this great test you can check if you are influenced by them.

Taking Pills: If the above tips not help then pills helps too much these days to have longer sex time whenever you want. You just need to see best premature ejaculation pills – buyer’s guide before you go straight to have that pills directly. Read on internet where you like but, we advice to rad the precautions first.

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