Penis Enlargement – The Best Methods

Enlarging the penis is probably one of the topics less discussed at present but, incredibly, it is one of the few present billionaire industries. This is due to the fact that millions of men are looking for effective ways to make their penises bigger and longer, which is said to be caused by the great sexual activity of society.

90% of men around the world have normal sized penises, but most of them still love the idea of ​​having a bigger and longer penis. This is the reason why there are dozens of methods, gadgets and products to enlarge the penis for sale online. They all promise to increase your member size, but, as expected, most of them do not work or serve very little.

The procedures to enlarge the penis are techniques that aim to make the human penis bigger or thicker. There are a variety of techniques to accomplish this. The most frequent ones are: The use of the hands or of several devices to stretch the penis; Surgeries to alter the anatomy of the limb; Surgeries to place some medical implant to produce lengthening, and the use of pills, creams, ointments and other nutritional or topical substances to enlarge the limb. You can check penis pills at Enlargement of the penis is a very controversial topic. these pills will help you to have longer sex and hard penis.

Opinions vary widely, misinformation is enough and these types of articles are often altered ruthlessly. However, this topic has been of great interest for a long time and there is a lot of scientific evidence in the public registry for and against most of the methods that have been tested. Some are mentioned below.

This article is a good start for those men who are curious about methods of penis enlargement, however, anyone who is considering any kind of modification in the penis should investigate enough about the subject, investigate the method of enlargement of the penis. read any information you find carefully and avoid being above all credulous, specifically by participating in “procedures for improving masculinity” offered by spam and internet ads. Above all because the results of attempting to enlarge the member with unsafe and unproven methods can be disastrous, both physically and financially, and repairing such damages can be difficult, costly, or impossible. Enlargement of the penis is no small thing.

It is still known what factors determine the size of the penis; in recent years incredible progress has been made in identifying the main factors that can contribute to the growth of this beloved organ. But first, let’s focus on dispelling some of the rumors that are hanging around your head right now.

Tales Of Grannies

Granny tales are commonly believed, but they are most of the time very illogical and are almost always wrong. The golden rule: Always ask yourself – do you really think any product will enlarge your penis by 5 centimeters in 2 weeks? The more fantastic you look, the bigger the scam. These are the main ones:

Weights This method is extremely dangerous! Please DO NOT USE weights to try to enlarge your penis.

It will not work and could result in serious injury. The weights are a myth in which to enlarge the penis respecta. Many men have suffered irreparable damage due to this method. Ask yourself: Do you really want to hang weights on your penis?


Enlargement Surgeries Penis enlargement surgeries can be extremely dangerous and deformative operations! The potential risks and side effects of a failed operation far outweigh the potential benefits to be gained. Some of the most common side effects are penis distortion, erectile dysfunction and prostate problems.


No. Your penis will not increase in size due to masturbation. Life is not so easy! Although, masturbation can help the pills to enlarge the penis to make more effect and help the penis to grow faster. But masturbation does not work alone, without the pills.

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