An Overview of Hair Loss Products

Hair loss is inevitable over time for both men and women.  As we age our skin and hair become less elastic and the cells are not replaced as quickly or with as good a product that our bodies made when we were twenty.  In most cases hair loss is a genetically controlled factor and can not be cured.  It can be managed however with treatment and various pharmaceutical products.  If your hair loss is due to a medical condition then the best hair loss shampoo will not even help.

There are a number of hair loss products – shampoos, creams, lotions and drugs, that claim to stop hair loss and in some cases promote new hair growth.  Scientific studies have yet to prove that any of the over the counter products sold for hair loss including ones that say they are the best hair loss shampoo actually have any real effect on your hair loss.  There are only two drugs approved by the Food and Drug Administration for treating hair loss.  One originally marketed under the prescription name, Rogaine, is commonly known as minoxidil and the other is known as Propecia (finasteride).  Both of these have shown in clinical studies to slow hair loss and in some cases even help the user to promote new hair growth products for men.  Unfortunately, these results only last as long as the medications are taken on a regular basis.

Hair Care Treatment

Upon discontinuing these prescription treatments will have the result of your hair loss continuing and any new hair growth will stop as well. Minoxidil is available in both prescription and non prescription varieties depending on the strength of the solution.  It is a topical ointment meant to be rubbed on the scalp at least twice daily.  It is a vasodilator, in other words it promotes blood flow to the area it is applied to.  It has been shown to slow hair loss particularly on the crown of the head.  Receding hairlines are not helped by the use of minoxidil.  For ease of use, the best hair loss shampoo will have a high concentration of minoxidil and is easier to use than a topical crème.

The Hair Club for Men offers several products in the Extreme Hair Therapy line that claim to help alleviate hair loss.  There are shampoos, conditioners, thickening treatments and more. Their best hair loss shampoo does contain minoxidil but the rest of the EXT line of products does not and has not been proven to actually stop hair loss or promote new hair growth.

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