10 Ways To Avoid And Fight Pests Of Snails And Slugs

Pest of snails and slugs (limacos) can become one of the most voracious plagues that we can suffer in the garden or in our organic garden. They proliferate easily when the conditions are right for them, such as wet seasons and average temperatures, so spring and autumn are times when we can see them more, while during cold or very hot periods they will be lethargic.

Snails and slugs tend to look for dark, cool and humid places to shelter, go out to feed at night and prefer new and tender shoots, although they also attack the roots. That is why the younger plants and plants are usually its main objectives. The adult caracoes are hermaphrodites (although they can not self-fertilize) and are capable of putting about 100 eggs every month.

Ecological Remedies For Pests Of Snails And Slugs (limacos)

1.- The natural predators of snails and slugs are snakes, toads, birds, turtles or beetles, keep this in mind when looking for ways to avoid or fight pests. Another way is Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando , it ialso best options if you are not satisfied with the results. There , you will find the experts fo your home.

2.- You can put traps like lettuce leaves so that we can catch as many snails or slugs.

3.- Try not to over-water at night, since we have said that the humidity attracts them, and if you choose drip irrigation it will be the most appropriate to avoid pests of snails and slugs. In addition, irrigation water is maximized.

4.- Due to their size and slow movement, they can be taken one by one with the hand without problems.

5.- Other traps that we can use are water with sugar , beer , orange peels , watermelon , melon or potatoes , in tiles or branches with a concave shape, or sprinkle cookie crumbs . Put them on low plates and always in dark and humid places.

6.- Remove the soil from time to time, especially in dark and cool places, as they will deposit their eggs in those places and thus avoid increasing their number.

7.- The salt dehydrates them, but be careful where you throw them because it could also affect the plants.

8.- Use ashes to avoid the advance of snails and slugs. Scatter it around the crops so they do not get close.

  1. Theshells or eggshells crushed are very effective to prevent the advance of snails and slugs. Put them around the plants.

10.- You can also put at night a rag soaked in milk or beer and put it around the plants, you will find the snails and slugs in it.

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